Your doctor will recommend one of a number of treatments that are available depending on the stage of the diagnosed melanoma. If you have a recently detected melanoma it’s important to know all of the possible treatments.
Latvia has a variety of medical facilities that specialise in the detection and treatment of melanoma. Medical facilities can be found in the Specialists section (link to the Specialists section).
Below is a list of typical methods for treating melanoma. A doctor can recommend one or more methods of treatment based on the history of the illness, test results and the stage of the diagnosed melanoma:

  • Surgery
    Surgery is applied in the case of early-stage melanomas. A variety of surgical options are used to treat melanomas.

  • Radiation therapy
    Radiation therapy is a cancer treatment that uses x-rays or other types of radiation to destroy cancer cells or prevent their growth.

  • Chemotherapy
    Chemotherapy is a systemic means of therapy to eradicate cancer cells, prevent the growth of malignant cells and to destroy cancer cells that may have spread to other parts of the body by use of a specific regimen of medication.

  • Immunotherapy
    Immunotherapy is a systemic therapy used to treat melanomas with a high risk of recurrence and metastasis. Immunotherapy activates your immune system making it able to identify and destroy cancer cells. Virotherapy is one type of immunotherapy, which uses a unique medicine that contains viruses. They activate a person’s immune system allowing it to detect and destroy malignant cancer cells.

Side effects
Nearly every type of cancer treatment can cause side effects. It’s important to know that all bodies react differently to cancer treatments and some experience side effects. If you experience any kind of side effect it’s essential that you contact your doctor or therapy specialist.