Melanoma Risk Factors

You could potentially have an increased risk of melanoma if you meet at least 5 of the below mentioned criteria:

  • Fair skin, hair or eye colour.
    Fair skin, fair or red hair and fair eye colour can’t provide enough protection against UV radiation, but one should bear in mind that dark skin and hair doesn’t eliminate the risk of melanoma.

  • The use of tanning booths.
    The use of tanning booths under the age of 30 increases the risk of melanoma by 75%.

  • UV radiation.
    Regardless of the source of UV radiation, whether from a natural or manmade source, avoiding exposure to UV radiation will decrease the risk of melanoma.

  • Family history.
    If one of your family members has been diagnosed with melanoma, his/her children may have an increased risk of melanoma.

  • Sunburn at an early age.
    Just one instance of sunburn at an early age doubles a person’s melanoma risk indicators for the rest of their life.

  • A large number of moles.
    People with 50 or more moles have an increased risk of melanoma.

  • A previous diagnosis of melanoma.
    People who have been diagnosed with melanoma are at greater risk of a recurrence of melanoma.

  • Weakened immune system.
    A variety of chronic illnesses and a weakened immune system increase the risk of melanoma.

  • Age.
    The most common melanoma is found in people over 50 years of age, but in recent years more and more instances of melanoma have been detected in younger people.