Melanoma Days 2017

Everyone has moles, but not everyone knows that moles can become melanomas – one of the most aggressive types of skin cancer.

Every year roughly 55,000 lives are extinguished worldwide by melanoma.

If detected in its earliest stages and treatment is begun quickly, most cases of melanoma can be cured.

To make mole screening more available to the public and to help detect and diagnose melanomas quicker, this year, as part of Melanoma Days, everyone is invited to have their moles checked using the We Care Be Aware app.

The app allows you to have your moles screened without visiting a physician and to have that information about the potential dangers of your moles sent to your personal email.

A professional oncologist examines the photos of moles sent via the app.

Anyone who has submitted a photo of a mole which the oncologist has deemed suspicious will be recommended to visit a specialist.

Don’t hesitate! Use the app to help your children, parents, friends, grandparents and others who might not be proficient in using smartphones to get a mobile screening! Ask others to help photograph moles in hard-to-reach places (shoulders, back, etc.).

The mobile app is available at the Apple AppStore and Google Play.
Directions on how to use the app are available in the section labelled Mobile app/directions.